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My go-to camera simply because the auto features are great. The auto-focus sensors are a big win for any vlogger or videographer on the go!

Great quality & 4K footage. This drone is easy to learn, portable, & is just the coolest piece of equipment I own.

Easy to use lighting kit for video and photoshoots.

SD card for my primary camera.

Provides great POV & can zoom a decent amount. Any gorilla filmmaker/photographer will do fine owning just this lens.

Bendable legs and helps position your camera in obscure spaces. Encourages clever experimentation. Critical equipment to have.

Wireless & noise cancelling headphones used for editing & travel.

I have several of these for my drone & GoPro.

My favorite lens. Provides a wide POV and is great for any vlogger selfie.

The TI-82 of microphones. Turns on with my camera has settings for any scenario.

Fits everything on this list & more.

Software used to edit & is the industry standard.

External hard drive. Must need for any digital creator.

I've had this GoPro for over 6 years and it continues to deliver.

Connects to my TV & plays music or video while I edit or need to research other content out there.

Desk microphone used to record vocals & instruments for songs or livestream recordings.

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